As I was absent during this class I missed the activity but have taken the liberty of recreating it - using a few of the drunken art students loitering at my house ranting about how come they're not famous yet.
What follows are the results of each of us answering the questions and randomly selecting the answers from out of a hat.
  1. a character name and attribute [eg martha the vandal]
  2. an obstacle [eg main character is blind]
  3. a setting [eg inner london]
  4. a *disturbance* or event [eg a stranger arrives]
  5. another character [eg dark stranger]
  6. a premise or idea [eg this game is about justice]

Above: Okay.Well,the first selection was somewhat challenging, mainly due to the final note specifying the game's theme. But after some time brainstorming, I decided that I could see what this game really wanted to be:

A Christian propaganda game about the inability of homosexuals to reproduce.
Ben Smith is an amiable young Christian man whose tendency to be overly polite keeps getting him into trouble. After failing to refuse an invitation to go to a roller-disco with a quirky neighbour, Ben arrives to discover that the place is a favourite hangout for the homosexuals, sent by Satan to turn everyone gay so that the human race can no longer reproduce. After attempting to politely dismiss himself to return home, the homosexuals turn predatory and chase Ben outside to convert him to their ‘satanic church’. At his most desperate moment, God opens the heavens – and the gays, not wanting to damage their delicate ensembles, flee back inside. Ben, now infused with the power of the Holy Spirit, returns back inside to finally say what’s really on his mind. After his sermon bar reaches maximum, Ben can preach to his enemies and attempt to convince them to be baptised. When his sermon bar is below full, he is not helpless however, and can instead, by using ‘the good book’, beat his opponent to submission or death.


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    He has never been played by two-time Oscar nominee Harvey Keitel.


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